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Global Immersion Certification

Industry focused Short-term International Programs

Program Highlights


Experiential Learning

At an International University
for 2 - 3 weeks


Hands-on exposure

To diverse areas like Robotics, Blockchain, Aerospace, Motorsport, Innovation, Leadership, etc.

Industry visits


To top Global Companies and R&D Centres like NASA, Jaguar Land Rover, Singapore Changi Airport, Google, etc.


Personal Development

Through Cultural Immersion and Networking Events

Curated Programs

France (Sciences Po)

USA (Rice University)

Singapore (MDIS)

UK (Coventry University)

1000+ Students Benefited from GIC Certifications

"What an amazing experience!! 2 weeks spent in the US were really enriching from 2 perspectives - technology exposure and cultural diversity. I also wanted to explore USA as destination for MS. Loved the university experience."
Neha Bose, NIT Trichy
"Worth the money spent. The certified course in Simulation Engineering was so exciting to learn. The faculty was brilliant, and the course so well designed with great mix of workshops and industry visits. Would definitely recommend to my juniors."
Anurakt Mehta, BITS Pilani
"International universities have a very different style of teaching. Getting exposure at one of the top universities in social sciences is a rare opportunity during engineering. I learnt a completely new angle of innovation and had some thought provoking experiences."
Sankalp Kiran, Delhi University
"First time travelled abroad and loved everything about the program - learning from reputed faculty, interacting with students from the university, making good friends, exploring new places. I could find significant change in my overall confidence and thought process."
Rushil Gupta, IIT Bombay